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Project demands:

  • Website Development
  • Lead Generation System

Launched In March 2020

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Peter Urkow


Website Development

This website allows the owner to promote specials, has a pop-up lead form that sends emails with pre-filled subject lines so you can track which pages the leads come from, a project portfolio so customers can see how sample renovation projects from beginning to end, and blog posts with renovation tips. A video was created to announce the launch of the website. The audio signature was created using special effect audio files of tools, and a stock audio clip of someone saying "Nice work." Click below to see the video.

Lead Generation System

The lead generation system uses forms Facebook ads to gather lead contact information. Normally leads have to be downloaded from Facebook Ads Manager. However, to make the process easier for the business owner, every time a lead is submitted a notification email is sent to the business owner, and the lead is automatically logged on a spreadsheet. Unlike other agencies, smplcit Business Solutions does not charge an admin fee. We charge a commission on closed deals. This way, we only make money of our client makes money.

Social Media Management

smplcit Business Solutions looks after all social media posts. This includes original content, and posting related contented from Canadian renovation magazines that would be of interest to potential clients. Posts also include custom Gifs, and animated Pinterest Pins (click on image below to view an image used on a Pinterest Pin to promote a blog post).